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From the late-night, rump-shaking, house-quaking, butter-basting dance floors of the Athens, GA underground after-party scene comes the neon-jumpsuited purveyors of the freshest new sounds in proto-electrofunk, the one and only Velveteen Pink. On their self titled debut album VP pushes listeners to the very limits of poptimism, with honey-dripping hooks that will melt your heart, and titanic explosions of gui/keytar solos that will melt your face. Drawing on an impressive reservoir of influences ranging from cheesy 70s AM radio and 80s R&B and rock to early aughts-era EDM; Velveteen Pink’s sound is as ambitious as it is original. Progressive Funk? R&B? Pop? We don’t care which section of the record store you put it in, just make sure people know that it’s for shakin’ asses.

Girls Who Abuse


Dominar Productions 2017

The Coldest Touch

Caledonia Lounge

BED Productions 2017

Black Heart

Innocent rage

Greg Oconnell 2017

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